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The most popular shoe care Saphir Médaille d’Or

Quality ingredients

Saphir Medaille d’Or is one of the most wanted shoe care brands in the world. Their shoe creams are made out of beeswax, a natural ingredient that feeds, protects and helps waterproof leather. Whatever you do, always use a shoe cream that contains beeswax for polishing your shoes. But there is more: the Saphir Medaille d’Or creams are completed with seven other nourishing and 
natural ingredients – such as carnauba wax, which enhances the shine of beeswax. If you’ve invested in quality shoes, invest in a quality shoe cream – preferably with natural ingredients.



Since winning the price for their s hoe cream, Saphir has expanded the range of products. Although the cream in a jar, Pommadier, is still the most popular, there are many other great products – made by Saphir. To name a few: Saphir Pate de Luxe – a rich, high gloss wax, Saphir Renovateur – to restore your leather, Saphir Lotion – for the cleaning of your leather, Saphir Omni’Nettoyant – for the cleaning of soft leathers such as suede, and so on. They also have special products for different types of leather, such as nappa and reptile. There are special brushes for suede, shine brushes and cloths. Real shoe lovers can indulge in some serious shoe care with the wide range of Saphir.



Especially for them there is the Distinctivo Saphir shoe care valet; a high end valet that was designed to combine functionality with beauty, and comes with all the necessary, luxurious products of Saphir for proper shoe shining. It is equipped with cotton application cloths, polish applicator brushes, shine brushes (100 % horsehair), Saphir Pate de Luxe in different colours, Saphir Pommadier, Renovateur, Lotion and much, much more. Ideal for anyone who wants to look good and expand the lifetime of their shoes.

Fine leather shoes might be one of the savviest style investments you can make, but with some tender loving care and quality products such as Saphir, you will get extra mileage out of your quality kicks. And with some luck, they will last you a lifetime.

The complete collection of Saphir Medaille d’Or is available on

Old fashioned shoe care: Saphir

Quality shoe care starts with Saphir: one of the oldest, most traditional and best shoe care producers in the world. The French brand has evolved over the nearly hundred years it exists, but has never lost its glory. Distinctly Different had a glimpse behind the scenes.
buvard Saphir, cirage et créme pour le cuir, chaussures
‘The way you treat your shoes, is the way you treat yourself,’ exclaims Gael Birot (42), sales manager of what might just be the best shoe care in the world: Saphir. The French brand, originally established in 1920, won the Medaille d’Or (gold medal) at the Paris fair. Since then it is called Saphir Medaille d’Or. And although nearly hundred years have passed, it is still a leader brand when it comes to shoe care.
The product is the same, but the company has changed since then. The Spanish Avel bought Saphir in 1979 and enhanced the packaging, jar, communication, but left the creams untouched. Why? Because it already had a unique, high quality and beloved product. ‘We have a different formula than any other cream. It is solvent based, instead of water based. Solvent cleans and cares at the same time,’ explains Birot.

Shaving: nicks and cuts

Nicks and cuts. they happen to every shaver out there, be they professionals or beginners. The most important thing is to treat them correctly and as fast as possible. This Alum block by Edwin Jagger contains mineral salts which work as an antiseptic. In addition these minerals contract the skin and tighten pores. The alum block is a milder version of the alum stick and can be used on your entire face.

Hold the alum block under a cold running tap. Aterwards, gently rub the alum block over the entire face. When you’ve cut yourself you will feel a little sting. The rest of your skin will experience a cooling sensation which is nice when your skin is slightly irritated. The salt minerals will contract the skin and close pores so that the blood vessels will get closed off. After usage clean the block and store the block in a dry place. Avoid contact with glass and marble because the block may cause stains on the surface of these materials. 

The art of shaving

How do you shave comfortably without irritating the skin? That is a question on the mind of many shavers. After a while of trial and error using different products and shaving techniques a person tends to develope a routine with which they achieve a comfortable shave. For some a comfortable shave is not too difficult to acquire. For some others shaving is regarded as a painfull necessity. This all depends on a person’s skin type and genetics. In this article we will try to guide you thru the shaving process using a safety razor. 

The first thing you want to look after is the sharpness of your blade. A dull blade will pull on the hairs instead of cutting them. This will cause major skin irritation and can be easily avoided. Before shaving be sure to heat up your blade by putting it in a sink filled with hot water. Preferrably use a parabens free shaving cream to be assured of a smooth shave without any allergic reactions. Link: (EU / UK).

Secondly, while shaving try to apply as little pressure on the blade as possible. One of the key features of a safety razor is a bit top heavy. This way the weight of the blade will do all the work without the user having to apply any extra pressure. As told earlier the sharpness of the blade is key to a smooth shave. To keep a blade sharp it’s advisable to change the blade on a regular basis and to dry them after use. The easiest way to do this is by padding them dry with a towel. Another more professional way is to dip them in alcohol and letting them dry naturally afterwards.

But how many passes do I need to get a good shave? I’m afraid that too many passes over the same spot will irritate my skin. These are questions/remarks we get a lot. It depends on the amount of facial hair to decide how many passes you should make before you have a smooth face again. Most times it’s enough to do two complete passes over the entirety of the face. When shaving a thick beard its advisable to first trim with a pair of scissors. On the first pass, always shave with the grain. This usually means shaving downward, but not always. When finished with the first pass apply a new layer of shaving cream. For a more closer shave the second pass will go against the grain. You have to be more carefull because this pass is the one that causes the most cuts and irritation. So take a little more time for this one, don’t rush it.

*If you really dislike to go against the grain its also an option to shave horizontally. Start your passes at the nose and from there go to the ears.

Third and last its key to rinse your face with warm water and apply a aftershave lotion. We like ones without alcohol because alcohol only dries out the skin instead of giving it the nutrition it actually needs after a shave. Link: (EU / UK)

As said in the beginning of this guide it’s important to keep trying to find the best way to get a clean and irritation free shave. Be sure to pick a method which give’s you the best shaving sensation.

Old School Shaving: Double Edged Safety Razor

Double Edged Safety Razor

Shaving, being shaved by a barber, taking good care of yourself. These are all upcoming developments nowadays you could say. About two years ago a trend rose among men to let their beard grow. Back to the old days. Now you see that this trend is changing again. It’s obvious that a lot of men find their  appearance important.

Shaving the old fashioned way becomes more popular again. Original and antique razors are widely purchased and used. If you want to shave like in the old days it is best to use a Double Edged (DE) Safety Razor (UK / EU). When you decide to discover the DE Safety Razor adventure there are some aspects you need to keep in mind.

How to shave with a DE Safety Razor?

Let your brush soak in steaming water for a minute or so. The brush will help to lift the hairs which provides a closer shave.

Shake the brush to remove some of the water. Put the shaving cream in a bowl or in your hand palm. Adjust the cream on the brush. Use circular motions to lather your beard. The foaming substance should cover your beard.

Take the DE Safety Razor and keep the angle about 30 degrees in relation to your skin.

Pull straight down without any pressure. The weight of the handle is enough.

Repeat this one or two times and than shave lightly against the beard growth.

In the video below there’s a further and more explicit guide how to shave properly with a DE Safety Razor.

In the beginning it may seem hard to use the DE Safety Razor. It needs a little a bit of an effort but I assure the patience will be rewarded.

One of the many advantages of shaving with a DE Safety Razor is little to no more ingrown hairs. The modern razors nowadays are often equipped with three or five blades. This blades lift the hairs in order to shave them easier. A downside is the increasing risk of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. With a DE Safety Razor your skin becomes smoother than ever. Additionally the double edged razor blades are less harmful to the environment than the modern cartridge razors. Another big plus is the price difference compared to the modern razors. The purchase of the handle is approximately between €25 and €40. A set of five razor blades (UK / EU) costs about €1,95. At an average beard growth the blades can be used somewhere between four and eight times.

Shaving with a Double Edged Safety Razor (UK / EU) is a real experience. Shaving becomes fun and exciting again. You even will feel more of a man than you already were.

Benefits of DE Safety Razor compared to modern razors:

  • – Much cheaper
  • – No more ingrown hairs
  • – Less skin irritation
  • – Better for the environment
  • – You feel more of a man than ever before

Instruction video for using the DE Safety Razor:

11 ways to tie a scarf

How to wear a scarf?

The scarf has increasingly become a female accessory since the last 50 years. Originally the scarf was used as a classic male garment designed especially to protect the neck. Besides functional a scarf can also be very stylish nowadays. See below 11 ways to wear a scarf as a man in style:


11 Ways-To-Tie-A-Scarf_Poster_F1

Source: Real Men Real Style

How to tie your tie: Four-in-hand knot

1. Drape the tie around your neck. The wide end should extend about 12 inches below the narrow end of the tie.


2. Cross the wide part of the tie over the narrow end.


3. Turn the wide end back underneath the narrow end.


4. Continue wrapping the wide end around the narrow end by bringing it across the front of the narrow end again.


5. Pull the wide end up and through the back of the loop. Hold the front of the tie knot with your index finger and bring the wide end down through the front knot.


6. Tighten the knot carefully to the gills by holding the narrow end. Center the knot.


How To Tie Your Bow Tie

When you want to tie your bow tie (UK / EU) it isn’t easy to start. To help you we made a list of six steps that will guide you.

1. Make a simple knot with both ends, allowing slightly more length (one or two inches) on the end of A.

2. Lift A out of the way, fold B into the normal bow shape, and position it on the first knot you made.

3. Drop A vertically over folded end B.

4. Then double A back on itself and position it over the knot so that the two folded ends make a cross.

5. The hard part: Pass folded end A under and behind the left side (yours) of the knot, and through the loop behind folded end B.

6. Tighten the knot you have created, straightening any crumples and creases, particularly in the narrow part at the center.

Is it too much trouble? You can also buy a pre-tied bow tie (UK / EU).

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 aired on CBS the 10th of December. Every year, it brings tremendous joy to see the beautiful ladies in the magnificent entourage.

Also this time the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show includes a Dutch starring the one and only Doutzen Kroes. As one of the eight angels, she is also one of this years “leading ladies”. And to be honest we are proud so.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is different from other fashion shows. A lot of celebrities and movie stars want to attend here. The show is coloured by several top artists. Every Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a true spectacle.

Watch the full show below:

Shaving by Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger has been very influential in the field of men’s grooming. Founded in 1988, a global player in the world of male and female shaving. One of the unique aspects of this beautiful brand is that the owner and founder Neil Jagger designs nearly every product himself. He has a great eye for detail. His English background is evidently visible in the products. Style, class and above all quality makes the products by Edwin Jagger (UK / EU) so special.
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