How To Shave – Shaving Guide

Use hot water before shaving to soften the beard, open the pores and cleanse the skin.

Before shaving a pre gel or oil (UK / EU) is a great help as it makes the shave easier and protects the skin.

Wet a shaving brush (UK / EU) in hot water and apply shaving cream (UK / EU) in the palm of one hand or in a shaving bowl (UK / EU). Using circular motions to lather the beard area to build a thick layer of foam.

Use a clean razor (UK / EU) and shave in the direction of the beard growth. Below the jaw line the beard can grow in several different directions. Here you can use two wet fingers to learn the pattern of the beard growth. Let the razor glide over your skin without using excessive pressure. Too much pressure can cause razor burn and skin irritation.

After shaving rinse the face with cold water. This assists pore closure.

For nicks and cuts use an alum block (UK / EU) or an alum stick (UK / EU) to stop the bleeding.

Apply an aftershave lotion (like this Edwin Jagger Sandelwood lotion UK / EU) to protect the skin. We advise you to use an alcohol free aftershave lotion or balm.

Finally rinse your brush well and remove the excess moisture. Leave the brush in that order that the hairs facing downwards.

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